Mattress Sale in Phoenix, AZ

High Quality Mattresses on Sale in Phoenix, AZ

Due to our family connection to our next door neighbor Arizona Premium Mattress Company, we have worked out special pricing on models they don’t offer to the public and are only available through us. Custom sizes available too.

Foam Mattresses on Sale in Phoenix

Incredible deals on foam mattresses made with the same foam found in Marriott resorts beds. This is not low quality promo beds found in other stores, this is the real deal but at promo prices with Queen sets at just $199, Twin mattresses are just $99 and work great on bunk beds and chest beds.

We also carry memory foam mattresses and the most durable mattress on the planet – Latex Foam Mattresses. Latex foam is the hottest trend going and for good reason, comfort and durability at a price most folks can actually afford. Have you priced the leading memory foam beds lately? Who can afford those and even if you could why would you want a mattress that makes you sweat and is full of chemicals that could cause health issues? Latex foam mattresses are made from mother nature’s rubber tree milk and have documented cases of lasting over 50 years with little signs of wear. Just watch this-

So if you are looking for a great mattress on sale in Phoenix, AZ look no further than AZ Furniture and Mattress Liquidators

12 Responses to “Mattress Sale in Phoenix, AZ”

  1. Tara Sanchez says:

    I was wondering how much your twin mattress run for the set or just the mattress

  2. laura says:

    What are some of the cheapest prices you have for Queen matress box spring sets?

  3. Pete says:

    Can i buy just a twin boxspring?

  4. Julie says:

    Hi there,

    Are there still Queen foam sets available for $199?

    • Porchdog1 says:

      Yes, we still have several but call first as these are very popular and we sometimes run out for a day or two.

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi, do you also carry the Foam encased Corsicana “no motion transfer” in King and if so, what’s the price? Also, is there any money back guarantees or warranty?

    • Porchdog1 says:

      Yes, we carry two models starting at $595 for King set. Corsicana offers full warranties on all their mattresses. We offer a 30 day trial for Corsicana only.

  6. Becky says:

    I see you offer Foam encased pocket coil mattresses by Corsicana offer that “no motion transfer” quality found on the most expensive mattresses yet we have Queen size Euro pillowtops with gorgeous organic cotton cover for just $599 a set. Do you have it in California Kings? What are the measurments and what would the out the door price be. I would probably want it delivered.

    • Porchdog1 says:

      Yes, these are made locally by Corsicana and although we do not have stock on Cal. King we get shipments every 5 days. The Cal. King set (72 x 84) would be $799 and worth every penny. You have to see to believe the value of this bed.

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